Background Checks

Everything You Need to Know for Safe and Sound Employee Selection

Background checks are a necessary step in the hiring process for any organization. The safety of your employees and customers is at stake, which means you need to be able to trust that they will not endanger themselves or others with their actions. Unfortunately, many people skip this vital step because it seems like a difficult one to take on. Private investigators will discuss background checks from start to finish – what they include, how long they should take, who should do them and more!

The first thing that you will need to do when hiring someone is write a job description, which should include the requirements for employment. There are three basic categories that background checks fall under: criminal history, education and work experience. Criminal history includes any arrests or convictions on their record; these reports can be requested from state departments of justice in most areas.

Private Investigators

Education backgrounds check generally works best if employers directly contact each school attended by an applicant so they can get accurate information about grades earned and possible academic dishonesty. Finally, work experience records detail any previous jobs held by your candidate including dates worked at each company as well as reasons for leaving – whether it was due to termination or quitting.

Once you have a good idea of what type of background check you need, it’s time to start the hiring process. Many employers choose to use a third-party company to conduct screenings on their behalf; these businesses are experts in finding and retrieving accurate information quickly. Background checks should take anywhere from three to five business days, though they can be expedited if needed.

It is important to keep in mind that not all convictions are created equal – someone with a DUI may not be as much of a threat as someone who has been convicted of assault. That being said, any criminal history needs to be taken into account when making a final decision about an applicant.