Orchids Of The Machu Picchu Region Of Peru

The Machu Picchu region of Peru is a top destination for orchid lovers. The area boasts an impressive diversity of orchids, including many rare and exotic species. Some of the most popular orchids found in the region include the Cattleya mossiae, the Laelia anceps, and the Oncidiumsharry Baby.

The Cattleya mossiae is a beautiful orchid that is native to the Machu Picchu region. This orchid has large, showy flowers that are typically a shade of purple or lavender. The Laelia anceps is another popular orchid found in the area. This orchid has striking flowers that can be either pink or white in colour. The Oncidiumsharry Baby is a unique orchid that features blooms in shades of yellow, orange, and red.

Peruvian Orchid Species

Orchidaceae is a family of flowering plants with around 28,000 species in it. This makes it the largest family of plants in the world. Out of all these species, around 6,000 belong to the genus Orchidaceae. The vast majority of orchids (around 95%) come from tropical regions, making them quite rare in more temperate climates.

One of the most biodiverse countries in the world when it comes to orchids is Peru. Out of the 6,000 species that are native to the tropical regions of Orchidaceae family, more than 1,500 are endemic to Peru alone. Of all these species, some have commercial value due to their medicinal properties while others attract tourists because of their beauty.

Medicinal Value

Peru has a rich biodiversity and some plants found in its rainforests possess medicinal properties which can be used for different purposes starting from fighting bacteria, fungi, various viruses and other diseases. Some of these plants are part of another important industry called alternative medicine. Many people around the world believe that natural remedies are better at treating diseases as compared to synthetic medications manufactured by pharmaceutical. And this belief is not without any scientific basis as many synthetic medications have side effects.

Some of these medicinal orchids which are used as ingredients in traditional medicine include:

– Cattleya trianae

– Gongora maculata

– Maxillariasprucei

– Oncidiumpapilio

– Lepantheseltoroensis

– Lepanthes peruviana

Tourism Value

The other important reason for which tourists love visiting the Amazon rainforests of Peru is because of their orchids. There are around 200 species of orchids found in Peru’s Amazon region and they attract a large number of visitors from all over the world. These orchids are found in a number of places which include:

– Manu National Park

– Tambopata National Reserve

– BahuajaSonene National Park

– PuiPui Protected Forest Area

– PacayaSamiria National Reserve

– Rio Abiseo National Park

– Amacayacu National Park

These places, along with their orchids, also attract tourists because of their rich biodiversity and beautiful landscapes.

If you are looking for a beautiful and exotic orchid to add to your garden, be sure to visit the Machu Picchu region of Peru. you will find a wide variety of amazing